Babu Gulabrai


Full sleeve shirt, dhoti, shawl round the neck coming up both the knees, fair complexion, white moustaches, loose ordinary spectacles on eyes, shining bald head and a gifting forehead, lock of white hair round the ears and the neck, quite and serious face is the person’s personality drawn by the lines of words, who was like a plain-river, which never changed its course though out its life and continued flowing slowly and steadily. That was the invaluable individuality of Babu Gulabrai. He was a great scholar of Hindi literature, well versed in Sanskrit. He was well conversant with philosophy and rhetoric. He was a master of making easy, difficult and serious literary topics so that the reader may follow the same.

Babu Gulabrai represented the cultural ethical tradition of Dwivedi era. He is famous as one of the most decent and accommodating a critic, pure essayist and prose writer par excellence. By nature, he was a philosopher, which lent a particular touch to his essays and criticism in Hindi literature. On one side he produced works of serious thinking and on the other side; he produced series of essays full of humour. Both have their value and pleasantness and are unique in their respective fields.

Babu Gulabrai is a unique writer of humour, an accomplished essayist, prose writer of a highest order, a philosopher , a considerable critic and a successful teacher.. But above all he was a very generous saintly person. Inspite of being a serious scholar of philosophy, endowed with intelligence of high order and genius in original thinking. He had in him and endlessly flowing current of grace and pleasantness. In self analysis, he has written “my criticism is sweet, soft and pleasant as butter and a dish made of rice and milk. Between both one may find a piece of almost a satire. Although, I am selfish yet I do not want any fame at the cost of someone’s good name. In spite of being selfish, I am humanist. Due to selfishness and indolence, I am not able to carry out the resolve”. From this, it is obvious that he never wanted to do harm to anyone and was ever willing to do good to others. Babuji was instrumental in creating many famous authors of Hindi literature.

Babu Gulabrai is one of the very few writers in the world who dared to describe their shortcomings, both in personal and professional life. His book “ Meree Asafltayein”(My Shortcomings) is a master piece creation in this regard. Look how well he has described the ‘secret’ of his success in this book:

“In brief I may say that I have mastered the art of plagiarism. I pick up the gems from others writings without breaking their locks. These gems glow with their own light. But I do not take these gems to the market for sale in their original form. I trim them and polish them, so that they are unrecognisable. May be in this process they get slightly deformed. My plagiarism has not been detected so far; and that is the secret of my life. I have heard that there are many books in Sanskrit on the art of theft- be it material theft or literary theft (plagiarism)”

Babu Gulabrai had his ancestral house in Jalestar Uttar Pradesh. But he was born in Etawah (U.P.) where his highly religious father Babu Bhawani Prasad was working in the local courts. He received his primary education at Mainpuri (U.P) and higher education at Agra College and St. Johns College, both located at Agra[ B.A.1911, M.A. (Philosophy) 1913 and LLB 1917] and affiliated to Allahabad University at that time. Just after completing his education, he was initially appointed as the philosophical companion to the Maharaja of Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh)- His Highness Vishwanath Singh Judev and was later given the important jobs of the Private Secretary to the Maharaja, Dewan (Prime Minister)and the Judge. He worked there upto 1932. Thereafter, he came back to Agra and stayed at Jain Boarding House and worked as a honorary Professor of Hindi at St. Johns College, Agra His book Shanti Dharma was published as early as 1913. The process of writing continued without break for 50 years till his death in 1963. He was conferred honorary D. Lit by Agra University in the year 1957. This was presented by the then Vice President Hon’ble V. V. Giri Ji (Who later became India’s fourth President). In the year 2002, the then Prime Minister Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji released a 5 Rupee postal stamp in his memory.

After reading the traditions of poetry and studying social works, he presented his conclusions based on personal experience in the form of principles. Babuji’s thought process alongwith his philosophies are available in his books.viz. Siddhant aur Adhyan, Kavya ke Roop, Navras,, Adhyan aur Aaswad, Sahitya Samiksha, Hindi Natya Vimarsh and Hindi Sahitya Ka Subodh Itihas. In these books Babuji comes before us as an exponent of principles and one who believes in explicitly explaining things. Some other books reflect his ideals, ideas, thought process and fields of work viz. Jeevan Rashmian, Mere Nibandha, Meri Asafaltayen, Kuch Uthle Kuch Gahre, Rashtriyata, Abhinav Bharat ke Prakash Stambh, Satya evam Swatantrata ke Upasaka, Bhartiya Sanskriti ki Rooprekha and Man Ki Baat.

His style of thinking, contemplation, study & presentation are purely ‘Bhartiya’ (Indian). Therefore, his principles have force, power and energy. In the field of reinterpretation of Rhetoric, Hindi Essays and Criticism, Babuji’s contribution is extremely important and unparalleled. Whole literary work of Babu Gulabrai is the manifestation of his deep realisation, eternal love for literatureparticularly hindi literature and devotion to his profession. He lived by pen, rich in original ideas and uniquely competent in the art of writing. Babu Gulabrai had an exemplary capacity as an editor too which could be seen with the publication of ‘Sahitya Sandesh’- a high-end monthly magazine of Hindi Literature at that time. Its first issue was published in July 1937 with the blessings of Archarya Mahaveer Prasad Dwivedi.

The mind and heart of Babuji was greatly influenced by Gandhian morality. Non –violent ethical values of Gandhiji made babuji adopt the style of ‘Samanvaya’ (Coordination). In the words of Achyaya Nand Dulare Vajpai, Babuji was a follower of harmony which was present in all his literary works. Accepting good points from any source was another unique quality of Babuji. To summarise Vajpai writes- “If the metaphor of quality catching saint can be used for any man of literature, it must be Babuji”.

Indeed, Babuji is respected and honoured as a Hindi writer of the 20th century for his sympathising nature, generosity, coordination and accommodating temperament. The immense contribution of Babu Gulabrai to Hindi literature for establishing most modern ideas in the style of Dwivedi period is undisputable.

Courtesy: Dr. R.P. Chaturvedi

Babu Gulabrai


ठलुआ क्लब फिर निराशा क्यों

साहित्यकारों के विचार ‘‘पहली ही भेंट में उनके प्रति मेरे मन में जो आदर उत्पन्न हुआ था, वह निरंतर बढ़ता ही गया। उनमें दार्शनिकता की गंभीरता थी, परंतु वे शुष्क नहीं थे। उनमें हास्य-विनोद पर्याप्त मात्रा में था, किंतु यह बड़ी बात थी कि वे औरों पर नहीं, अपने ऊपर हँस लेते थे।’’ —राष्ट्रकवि मैथिलीशरण गुप्त ‘‘बाबूजी ने हिंदी के क्षेत्र में जो बहुमुखी कार्य किया, वह स्वयं अपना प्रमाण है। प्रशंसा नहीं, वस्तुस्थिति है कि उनके चिंतन, मनन और गंभीर अध्ययन के रक्त-निर्मित गारे से हिंदी-भारती के मंदिर का बहुत सा भाग प्रस्तुत हो सका है।’’ —पं. उदयशंकर भट्ट ‘‘आदरणीय भाई बाबू गुलाब रायजी हिंदी के....

मेरी असफलताएँ

हिंदी साहित्य में जीवनियाँ बहुत कम हैं, जीवनियों में आत्म जीवनियाँ बहुत कम, आत्म जीवनियों में हास्य मात्रा बहुत कम और हास्य में साहित्यिक अथवा बौद्धिक हास्य बहुत कम। इसलिए बाबू गुलाब राय की पुस्तक ‘मेरी असफलताएँ’ अपना एक विशेष महत्त्व रखती है, क्योंकि इसमें एक सुलझे हुए और सुपठित व्यक्ति का आत्मचरित विनोद के प्रकाश से आलोकित होकर सामने आया है। आत्मचरित लिखने की प्रेरणा अंततः एक प्रकार के परिष्कृत अहंकार से ही मिलती है। पर बाबू गुलाब राय की विनोदप्रियता स्वयं अपनी ओर उन्मुख होकर उस अहंकार को कहीं भी उभरने नहीं देती। भूमिका में बाबू गुलाब.....

मन की बातें

मनुषय के अध्यन का सबसे प्रकृति और रुचिकर विषय है मनुष्य। विज्ञानं की उन्नति के दोनों में मनुष्य ने कोरी की उस लड़के की भांति जो अपने भाइयों की गिनती करते समय.....

जीवन पथ

संसार की भांति वर्तमान शिक्षा पद्धिति भी गुण-दोष मय है| हमारे वर्तमान शिक्षा में जहाँ बहुत से गुण है वहां कुछ दोष भी है। उसमे सबसे बड़ी कमी ये है की बिद्यार्थियों की निति और जीवन सम्बन्धी समस्याओं से अछूता-सा रखा जाता है। जहाँ शिक्षा हमारे विद्यार्थियों के मस्तिष्क को। ....

भारतीय संस्कृति की रूप रेखा

पा गा पाए संस्कृतियों का सम्मिश्रण २३ है । उनकी भक्ति में जाति-पांति का बन्धन नहीं है वह सबके लिये सुलभ हैं । जाति-पांति के बन्धन जो बीच मे खड़े हो गये थे उनम बेष्णव लोग कछ चौथिल्य ले भ्राये । महात्मा गांधी का प्रिय गीत. जिसके रचयिता नरसी महता हैं वैष्णवी मनोवृति का अच्छा दिग्ददान कराता है । वेष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे पीड़ पराई जाणे रे पर दू खे उपकार करे तो ये मन श्रभिमान न. झ्राणे रे । सकल लोक मां सहुने बन्दे निन्दां न करे केनी रे । इस प्रकार वैष्णव भावना भक्ति से भर पूर श्ौर सेवा-परायण थी केवल शान्त लोग ही पदु बलि के समथक हू । ....

अध्ययन और अस्वाद

‘अध्ययन और आस्वाद’ बाबू गुलाबराय के साहित्यिक निबन्धों का संग्रह है। पुस्तक में संकलित निबन्धों में बाबू गुलाबराय के विस्तृत अध्ययन की एक पूरी झाँकी के दर्शन होते हैं। संग्रह के सभी निबन्ध आलोचनात्मक हैं। कुछ सैद्धान्तिक आलोचना से सम्बन्ध रखते हैं और कुछ व्यावहारिक। सैद्धान्तिक और साहित्यिक एवं इतिहास से सम्बन्धित निबन्धों में अध्ययन की बात अधिक है और व्यावहारिक आलोचना में अध्ययन के साथ आस्वाद का भी पुट है। अध्ययन और आस्वाद गुलाबराय जी की आलोचना के मूल स्तम्भ हैं और यही उनकी विशेषताएँ भी हैं।...

कुछ उथले कुछ गहरे

आत्माभिव्यक्ति चाहे मनुष्य की मूल प्रेरणा ना हो किन्तु वह मनुष्य की मूलतम प्रेरणा 'अहम् ' से ग्रन्थित अवश्य है और इसी कारण वह अपना विशेष महत्व रखती है। इसी को तुलसीदास जी ने स्वान्तः सुखाय कहा है और इसी की प्रेरणा से उन्होंने राखुनाथ - गाथा गए है।....

जीवन रश्मियाँ

यद्यपि 'राम - कृपया कछु दर्लभ नाही ' में मुझे पूर्ण विशवास है , तथापि राम कृपा के लिए जो साधना और अनन्यता चाहिए उनका मुझमे अपेक्षाकृत अभाव है। अपने शरीर की वर्तमान स्थिति को देखता हुआ मुझे बहुत कम आशा है की मैं कोई और ....

मेरे निबंध

प्राचीन काल में प्रायः कवी और नाटककार अपनी कृति के आरम्भ में स्वयं अपना और अपनी रचना का परिचय दे देते थे। यदि मैं भी उस प्रथा का पालन करू तो कम से कम मेरे प्राचीनतावादी मित्र , जो लकीर के फ़क़ीर कहलाने वाले अपना गौरव समझते है ....


वर्तमान भारत का लोक कल्याण राज्य है। लोक-कलयाण और लोक - मंगल की सदभावना और सदाशयता होते हुए भी जनहित के कार्यों में उतनी सफलता नहीं मिल रही है जितनी की प्रयत्नों को देखते हुए अपेक्षित है....

शांति धर्म

बहुत से लोग ज्ञान और क्रिया में बड़ा भेद समझा करते है। उनके मत से अधिक ज्ञानवान पुरुष की क्रिया - प्रयाण नहीं होते और कृत - बुद्धि लोग बहुत समय मनन में वव्वय नहीं करते। बहुत से साक्षर पंडित जन ....

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